Smart Move Education Group - Student Case Study

    What is your name and age? Where do you live? (exact address not required, but postcode would be good for us to log for future media opportunities)

    What were you doing before you engaged the services of Smart Move Education Group? *

    For how long had you not been involved in work, training or education? *

    How did you feel about your Higher Education prospects before you joined a course with us? *

    When you started on our programme, what was your ambition?

    What was the first thing that Smart Move Education Group did to support you? *

    How did our adviser work with you to identify relevant Education programmes / Course? *

    How did that impact your confidence? *

    What course have you started? *

    What career do you plan to pursue once completing your course? *

    Think back to how you felt when you were out of Higher Education, what have been the biggest benefits to you now being Higher Education (please list up to three) *

    What would your advice be to someone who is currently out of Higher Education and considering using Smart Move Education Group? *

    If you had to use one word to describe the support provided by Smart Move Education Group, what would it be? *