Terms and Condition of Admission

  • Smart Move Education Group is an educational advisor and we processes applications to the education provider by the authorisation of the applicant.
  • Personal data collected from the applicant will be used for specific services only.
  • Any personal and academic qualifications submitted by the applicant for the academic purpose, Applicant him/herself will be working solely liable for the authenticity of the documents and information provided; Smart Move Education Group will be working solely by the information provided by the applicant.
  • Smart Move Education Group does not give any guarantee for admission for the applicant.
  • Smart Move Education Group works on behalf of institutes and students shall be governed by the relevant policy of the chosen university.
  • Smart Move Education Group will not hold any original documents/certificates from the applicants other than copy of the original which will remain with Smart Move Education Group for application processing purpose.
  • If the applicant withdraws the application while it is being processed, it should be governed by the policy of the relevant institution
  • Applicant complies with Smart Move Education Groups terms and conditions.