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English courses in london for international students

Most people who choose to live in London have as their main objective to learn English. Across the UK, there are more than 500 language schools offering from ‘General English’, a general course, ranging from basic to advanced, to English for business and more specific needs. The English courses in London are the most varied.

For those who come to study for less than 6 months or as a visiting student , prior knowledge of the language is not required. However, who comes with the Tier 4 General visa , it is necessary to prove a level called B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), which corresponds to an intermediate level. That’s because the British government wants to facilitate communication between immigrants and residents.

See how CEFR works, briefly:

A1 – Beginner: can answer questions such as name, age, where you live, how are you, etc;

A2 – Basic: can communicate in a simple way, in everyday situations, such as asking prices, directions and exchanging basic information;

B1 – Intermediate: can establish a conversation in the country where the language is spoken on issues related to work, education and leisure;

B2 – Independent user: able to get into more complex subjects that require a broader vocabulary, without much effort;

C1 – Effective fluent: able to read, write, listen and speak fluently, understanding subjects in their most varied contexts. Is able to issue an opinion on technical issues related to the professional field with great aplomb and even thinks about their own language;

C2 – Full domain: understands almost everything that is said and argues, in spoken or written form, always in a coherent manner. Usually already dreams in the language in question and expresses himself naturally, almost like a native.

The General English courses are mostly divided into the following levels:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • upper-intermediate
  • Advanced

When you arrive at school, you must pass an English test, which sometimes may also include an oral exam, which will determine the most suitable course for you to study. Usually only after 12 weeks you will be able to take a new test to pass the level. In some cases, when you feel that your English has improved quickly and significantly, you can ask to take the test even before the required time. If approved, it’s a good sign that your effort and dedication are paying off.

You can choose to study at one of the language centers accredited by the English education bodies or even at colleges or universities. There is a choice of part-time, full-time and intensive courses. However, any course must have a minimum load of 15 hours per week.

On the Education UK portal you have access to all English courses in the UK. To refine your search for London, simply search for “Region” on the left side of the page. All institutions on this site are listed on the ‘register of regulated qualification’ and are officially recognized by the British government.

Good luck!

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