Brexit, what changes for non-resident students in the UK?

Brexit, what changes for non-resident EU students in the UK?

There are approximately 16,000 Italian students currently enrolled in universities in the United Kingdom for degree or specialization courses.

Among the various effects of Brexit , the impact it will have on young people who have decided to undertake a course of study in Great Britain must also be considered . Let ‘s see what changes for overseas students in the UK.

Let’s start from the certainties, students who have already started the 2020-2021 academic year will be able to continue to benefit from the concessions provided for the entire university course. In fact, EU students are granted the so-called “ home fee status ”, which allows them to pay the same taxes as local students as well as being able to apply for student loans.

The speech should change from 2021 onwards, while everything remains to be determined what will happen for the Erasmus program and the related visa. However, there are already some hypotheses in the field. In the event of a Brexit with agreement , students wishing to stay after 31 December 2020 will be able to apply free of charge to obtain a residence permit (EU Settlement Scheme).

While in case of no agreement , students admitted to British universities will have to apply for a temporary residence permit (European Temporary Leave to Remain) valid for 36 months. And if they are not enough to finish the course of study, the British government will subsequently define all the requirements for obtaining a longer-term visa for EU students.

According to figures released data from the British Embassy are about 16,000 the Italian students currently enrolled in UK universities for undergraduate or graduate courses. In addition to the students, however, there are also 5,000 Italian professors, researchers and scientists who are currently carrying out their activities in British universities.

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