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Studying in London after Brexit

Studying in London?
London enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide, and not just among students. It is considered the most diverse and at the same time most open city in the world, which is reflected in the number of over 100,000 international students. They come from over 200 nations and are hoping to graduate from a renowned London university. Biology, languages ​​and business are some of the most popular subjects study in London after Brexit.

Even after Brexit, London is still attractive for students
Studying is in, and this is not only the case with Germany’s high school graduates. In the highly competitive job market in 2017, it offers much better chances of being able to successfully prevail against the numerous competitors. Studying in London is particularly popular with top German high school graduates because some of the best universities worldwide are located here and degrees from there are correspondingly prestigious. Even after the Brexit decision, very little has changed in principle. London continues to welcome students from all over the world and German students still do not need a visa. On the contrary, after the referendum, courses in London even became cheaper on average. But London has a lot more to offer than its wide selection of universities. The cultural offer includes the followingHighlights in terms of sights :

  • Tower of London
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Royal Opera House
  • London Dungeon

Students can take over 10,000 courses in London
If you are thinking about studying in London and are wondering whether the preferred course is even available from the English, you usually don’t have to worry. The metropolis can offer over 10,000 courses if you consider the offerings of all existing universities together. The portfolio includes classics such as the following:

  • Accounting
  • Law
  • marketing
  • Medicine
  • Politics
    It is noteworthy that the London universities can claim a lot of research funding for themselves due to their distinctive reputation. In total, they have capital of more than 500 million pounds, which corresponds to around 570 million euros. The universities there not only attract the most talented students from all over the world, but also make themselves attractive to the most respected academics. In any case, London can be classified as a center of academic excellence. This illustrates the impressive number of over 70 Nobel Prize winners that one of the many London universities has already produced in the past. As has already become clear from the numerous sights mentioned, London is generally a great place for students, who, in addition to everyday university life, also want to enjoy life and experience something. There are not only over 100 cinemas in London, but also over 100 parks and, for example, almost 7000 bars.

Entry requirements for studying in London are great
As you can already imagine based on the numerous advantages associated with studying in London, the hurdles for an acceptance are correspondingly high. Studying in London requires tough entry requirements, so you need a German Abitur with a minimum grade of 1.3. Studying in London may also be possible if you have one of the following qualifications:

  1. Certificate of subject-specific higher education entrance qualification
  2. Certificate of general technical college entrance qualification

While these requirements apply to undergraduate studies, those for postgraduate studies are even stricter. Here you need either a bachelor’s degree such as a diploma or a first state examination. A Magister Artium can also qualify for postgraduate studies. However, all of these degrees are only good enough for a London university if the grade is appropriate. In practice, it looks like most of the German students in London come straight from the local high schools and are among the elite there. A high school graduation grade of 1.3 is not possible for most German high school graduates, so that they can only benefit from studying in the metropolis of England via detours.

The next few years won’t change London’s popularity
As has already been mentioned, Brexit did little to change the popularity of London among German students. In all probability, this fact is unlikely to change much in the next few years. In addition, those who start undergraduate studies in London in September of this year only pay tuition fees of the same amount as those for domestic students. The British government has also announced that German students will still have access to student grants for the next year. Since studying abroad is inevitably always associated with higher costs than is the case with domestic courses, student loans are relevant for German students. That is why the Students Loans Company has already given its approvalthat German students can continue to receive financial support in the form of a loan for the entire duration of their studies. The times for studying in London could hardly be better than they are now:

  1. Studying in London has become significantly cheaper
  2. After graduation, you can work in London directly
  3. It is still possible to apply for Erasmus +
    Nevertheless, you should always plan your studies in London very carefully and maybe get to know life there better in advance.

The 10 best insider tips for Students In London

Can’t wait to see London with completely different eyes? We have put together a few quick tips for special places for you. These insider tips will make your London trip special:

1. Neil’s Yard : You will find this quiet, colorful corner with lots of flair near Covent Garden. Perfect for a coffee or a wine in between.

2. Little Venice : Discover the cafes, pubs and restaurants on the banks of Little Venice, London’s answer to the Italian original.

3. Thames Path : 40 miles long, the riverside path leads through many beautiful and quiet corners. Find public beaches and Charles Dickens favorite pubs.

4. Leadenhall Market : The medieval market is now the gathering point for delicatessen shops, bars and restaurants.

5. Dennis Severs’ house : Marvel at the living rooms of the American artist, which seem like a journey back in time to the 18th century.

6. Duck and Waffle Restaurant : Enjoy panoramic views from the 40th floor of the Heron Tower. Make a reservation in advance!

7. To the dance in the Victoria & Albert Museum : a museum visit with a difference. Dance between sculptures and paintings once a month.

8. London’s Secret Bars : They bypassed Prohibition – the so-called Speak Easy’s. Especially popular: The Luggage Room, Evans and Peel Detective Agency, The Little Yellow Door and The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.

9. Highgate Cemetery : A wonderful, haunted place. The Victorian cemetery is half overgrown. Access only with a guided tour.

Rules of conduct in London – what to look out for
With over 19 million visitors a year, London is the second most popular metropolis in the world – after Bangkok, but ahead of New York and Paris. No wonder, after all, the capital of England and Great Britain has numerous sights to offer and looks back on almost two thousand years of history.

Although London is one of the cities with the greatest openness to the world, it is still important to adhere to the applicable rules of conduct and etiquette while traveling in London. We have put together an overview of the most important rules of conduct so that you can enjoy your holiday in London.

Don’t push ahead and be polite
The turbulent life in metropolises like London may seem chaotic and confused for some tourists. Crowds move through crowded streets and public transport is bursting at the seams. But even if you are in a hurry: pushing ahead is prohibited. Londoners and English in general are known for being able to stand in line for hours in an orderly and civil manner without having to get upset about it. Why also? It doesn’t go any faster as a result. So let yourself be infected by the serenity of London and use the time in the queue for nice conversations.

And take care of those around you. Londoners are known to be very friendly and courteous, so they expect you and other tourists to behave accordingly. Because only with mutual respect and consideration is a pleasant coexistence possible.

But especially in summer and during the holiday periods, the queues at London’s sights can get very long. If you are in a hurry or want to experience and marvel at as many attractions as possible in a short time, you can buy the London Pass . This not only gives you free entry to the most popular sights in London, but you can also use the Fast Track, which means that queues can be avoided in many places.

Openness to fellow human beings

A good evening in the pub as well as in everyday life includes pleasant conversations with friends as well as with locals. When you are on vacation in London, take the opportunity to be open to other people. You will notice how quickly a conversation with strangers comes about and that the Londoners will actually be extremely friendly and interested in you.

For a good conversation, your English doesn’t have to be perfect either – communicating with hands, feet and paraphrasing in many conversations with native speakers creates a great atmosphere and connects the conversation partners. Nevertheless, you should make sure that German and English idioms and expressionsare not always identical in meaning. So-called “False Friends” are often used, but quickly lead to misunderstandings, since German and English words sometimes sound similar or the same, but can have completely different meanings.

But also if you make a mistake or at one point do not know what to do next: Nobody will blame you! If necessary, ask for forgiveness and just continue the conversation.

Taking photos in public spaces
Sightseeing is a must for every visitor to London. When taking pictures, however, you should try to be restrained. The camera should be used with caution, especially in public and busy places, because according to Article 44 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, photographers are potential terrorists. So it can happen that all too eager picture makers are asked on site to delete recordings of public buildings or subway stations from their cameras.

Involuntary trips to the nearest police station are also said to have occurred. Therefore: hold back from taking photos or, if in doubt, speak to a local police officer who will inform you whether and to what extent photos may be taken.



Discover London while studying abroad
There is no need to explain what makes London so attractive. Even if you’ve never visited the city, you’re guaranteed to have heard a lot about it. Studying in London has its own charm. With so many students studying in London, the scene life is very active. Meeting British students or students from around the world in London is easy. There are many offers especially for students, including student tickets, clubs and restaurants. Our London school staff are well informed about these offers and keep students informed of what’s happening in the city. We also organize excursions and events ourselves. With a degree in London you are right on trend!

Study in London with EF
If you are studying in London, there are different types of accommodation available. Many students choose a host family. Living with a host family offers you a relaxed atmosphere in which to practice your English skills. Others prefer to live in one of our London student residences. We always accommodate students of different mother tongues together, so that you can only communicate with your roommate in English. Staying in the dormitory also allows you to come and go when you want. No matter which accommodation you choose to study in London, our accommodation management team is always there for you.

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