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Why study in London? : Is London a good city for students ?

Why study in London?
If you are thinking of studying in London or moving to the City to work, don’t hesitate – just do it. London has so many things to offer you, not only breathtaking scenery, but also its beautiful culture, music and art. There is nothing comparable to the excitement and frenzy that this city gives you. Let me convince you why you should consider London the right city to study, work and live in.

Multicultural city
London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In fact, a third of Londoners were born abroad and more than 200 languages ​​are spoken in the various streets and neighborhoods of the city. London is the perfect place to make international friends and connect with different cultures within the city itself. It is no coincidence that many students participate in cultural exchanges in London every year .

The diversity
Speaking of neighborhoods, each area of ​​the city has its own distinctive style and atmosphere, which are often very different from each other. You can start the day in the beautiful Notting Hill district by exploring Portobello Road while enjoying the view of the famous colorful houses and in the evening you can go shopping in Camden Town, eating at the local markets and visiting one of the many vintage shops.

Being the birthplace of many ethnicities and cultures, London’s culinary offering is an eclectic mix of many foods. There are various markets that are worth visiting and exploring, restaurants with many gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options and there is no shortage of cute coffee shops.

You will never be bored
London always offers a great variety of activities. From art galleries, theme parks, shopping malls to concerts, musicals and events in the city. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of green spaces, so you can always take a walk in one of the many parks in the city.

Perfect location
Not only is London the perfect Instagrammable location, but its geographic location allows you to travel comfortably and economically to many European destinations. There are numerous flights and trains leaving London every day and around the clock, so you can even leave the city on the weekend.

Career opportunities
If you choose to spend a few weeks (preferably months) in London to learn English , study at university or even just attend a language course, you will have access to a thousand career opportunities in the future. With museums, galleries, an important financial center, start-ups of all kinds and multinationals from all over the world, the possibilities for working in London are endless.


Whether it’s about getting better grades, finding more motivation or setting goals for your career, studying outside the home can change your academic future and help you get where you want to go. That’s how:

1. Rediscover your motivation
Studying abroad disrupts your daily routine every day. It helps you to see things from another perspective. Say goodbye to all that is mundane and be ready for a fresh start. You will face all the challenges that arise in front of you, at school or university, with a new curiosity and motivation. You may also find yourself appreciating a subject you previously found boring or enrolling in a degree program that you would never have considered before.

2. Your fluency gets better and better
Although academic exchanges involving transfers to another country and another university for a few months are very popular and can improve your language skills, another more accessible way to benefit from these factors is to learn a language abroad ( is our specialty). You can participate in one of the many language courses abroad during the school year holidays or after university to understand what your next move will be. (see point 6)

Regardless of which language you have studied abroad, the difference will be noticed in the classroom. You have added new words to your vocabulary, corrected some minor spelling mistakes and gained more self-confidence when starting conversations with your classmates. Will you feel satisfied knowing that you have improved an important skill and who doesn’t like this feeling? You may also want to study another language or deepen one you already know with another study abroad program.

3. You can better manage your studies
Once you have lived abroad, you can handle anything. Think about it – as soon as you arrive, everything is new, from public transport to local customs and traditions. You have to try to find your balance and develop adaptability. Along the way, you develop skills such as self-confidence, time management, resourcefulness, discipline and even creativity. These skills will enrich your wealth of experiences and you will carry them forever with you. Be prepared to organize your to-do list nimbly, take initiative in group projects, think more creatively when tackling problems, and prepare for exams diligently.

4. Network
There is a reason for saying that it is not what you know that matters, but the people you know. New friends, members of your host family, mentors and teachers can become sources of inspiration for your academic future. Maybe you will be able to do an internship thanks to someone you met or you will study abroad in a city you would never have thought of. Network with the people you meet, you never know what it could lead to.

5. You are a better candidate for internships or scholarships
Studying abroad shows people that you are open and curious to discover the world. It is an investment in yourself and your future that sets you apart from others. When you apply for an internship or scholarship, you show how this kind of experience has simultaneously challenged you and benefited you. They may not get you right away, but that will definitely give you some extra points.

6. Define your goals better
It is legitimate not to know what your next steps will be. Life is not a straight line and this also applies to the academic part. There is nothing better than going abroad to clear your mind and understand who you really are and what you want from your life. Sometimes all it takes is a small change to reignite the engine of motivation. Take some time to write down your goals before and after a trip. Compare them and see what has changed.

7. Expand your worldview
Living in contact with a foreign culture is exciting, but it can also pose you several challenges. You learn to communicate with multiple different cultures, discover creative solutions to solve problems, and expose yourself to new ways of thinking. There is nothing better than meeting new people who inspire you to look at the world differently. You will return to your campus with a greater sense of appreciation for those around you. You may even find yourself questioning some of your own ideals.

8. You decide to continue with your studies
Studying outside the home can expand your academic horizons and beyond in the short term. Research continually shows that students studying abroad have a better chance of obtaining a master’s degree. Indeed it is. Your experience abroad changes your life. It could give you the motivation to continue your academic studies.


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