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Tips for Writing a Strong Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose serves a similar role to a cover letter. It aims to convince the authorities that the student is motivated, qualified, and committed to developing a better future by using knowledge obtained from college or university.

A Statement of Purpose, commonly known as SOP, is a personal essay that a student needs to submit to the College or University they have chosen and the Visa office.

One needs to treat a Statement of Purpose as critical documentation that can either make or break the student’s career. However, some people think they can edit the Statement of Purpose found on the internet or from their seniors and make it sound credible, but this is a LIE.

One should never attempt to copy from anyone. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden as you will be stealing someone’s idea. Furthermore, a plagiarized Statement of Purpose may lead to the student’s cancellation of admission and visa rejection.

Every student has a different motive and inspiration that draws them to choose to study abroad. Therefore, every Statement of Purpose should be unique.

There is no such thing as an “outstanding statement of purpose.” The main objective of the statement is to sound original and give the authorities answers to their questions. Here are some general questions that authorities need to have a clear vision of the student’s intention.

About yourself with Family Background and Qualifications.

Spend a brief space introducing yourself, your educational qualification, work history, and family background. Please do not go overboard with introducing your personal life unless it relates to studying abroad. The tone should be formal.

I want to present my earlier performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors. My good academic performance has acted as a booster and helped me look at the future confidently and with excitement. My schooling provided me with much-needed information for a scientific approach to life. I have learned that only having an interest is not sufficient. It needs to be supplemented with hard work and determination to succeed. I secured 66.92% in my 12th examination in 2016. Though the result wasn’t satisfactory, my passion for technology didn’t stop, and I chose to study for a Bachelor of Information and Technology in college.

I enrolled in Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad, India. Silver Oak is one of the best educational institutes with excellent faculty and a competitive study environment. Pursuing an exciting career in I.T. has always been my dream, and it has led me to work hard during my college studies.

A well-structured and comprehensive course curriculum at Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology has laid a firm foundation in the areas of Information Technology. I passed with flying colors — scored 7.82 CGPA.

Note: If you have work experience, you can add a para and write about your work experience. Keep it brief and clear

After completing my graduation in April 2012, I joined my family business, a local garment store in Bhiwandi, Mumbai, India. I looked after finance, marketing, dealt with sub-vendors and supervised the store.

The business couldn’t survive longer; thus, I decided to work outside to support my family financially. In December 2013, I joined State Street Syntel Services Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India, as an Analyst. A US-based company that offers digital transformation services and support in developing education, knowledge, and contribution to technical excellence. My responsibilities included looking for money market and TCN, reviewing statistics on discrepancies in trade reports received from brokers and custodians daily for products like T-bills, commercial paper, deposits, and certificates of deposits. As a result, I was awarded Syntel Champ for July 2014 and the Syntel Value Award for August 2015.

Why study abroad and not in a home country?

Though there are a whole lot of reasons why students are keen on studying abroad, everyone has a different reason. Therefore, you need to explain your reasons in detail. Talk about their higher quality of education, experiencing a new country’s culture, pushing out of comfort zone, learning a different language, making new friends and social networking, learning new skills, and many more.

Even though there is no shortage of prestigious institutions in India, I wanted to experience different teaching styles. Moreover, I would love to access resources that made the British education technique and brand prominent in the first place. Therefore, studying abroad at a prestigious college/university is not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it also secures a brighter future for me.

It is one of the most exciting privileges in life to explore new places, meet new people, and be surrounded by traditions and cultures that are entirely different from your own. I want to study abroad to experience all of these things and more. Furthermore, a rare opportunity does not come along very often, making it even more valuable.

My desire to study abroad is also based on the fact that I will be able to learn another language, something that always builds confidence.

I have always enjoyed forming friendships with people who come from different countries. It’s a great way to meet new people and discover more about another country without ever leaving the country.

Why did you choose this specific country for studying abroad?

Need to do some research on the country and the educational institute you are going to. Do not only stick to the first page of Google search results; go beyond. Explore LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform and learn in-depth about them. Explain in detail about why you have chosen the specific country for studying abroad out of all countries globally.

With everything happening in the world, my parents and other family members allow me to study abroad in Canada because of the country’s highest safety level. This is because of the country’s diverse culture. Canadian people respect every culture and are a home for many Indians. Furthermore, Canada is considered a peaceful, safe, and politically stable country. In addition, Canada takes education as one of the most critical subjects and provides every student numerous opportunities to expand their educational horizons. Canada is also renowned for its research-intensive universities and ranked fourth globally for scientific research.


Even though there are many technological obstacles, Canada actively participates in global research to overcome them. Canada considers education to be a significant subject and offers students multitudinous opportunities to expand their educational, knowledge, and cultural horizons. Apart from education, the colleges host various events for the students. Cultural events help students to blend with multicultural people at the university. International students enjoy the different lifestyles and fun learning methods as they pursue higher education in Canada.

Why do you want to pursue this particular program?

Selecting the right program aligned to your academic or work history is essential. Hence, it would be best to discuss why you chose the particular program, your goals, personality, and interests. This will determine if a specific course is right for you. In addition, your level of commitment will often be assessed with this question.

Choosing a program also helps them gain insight into your thoughts about the course selection. You need to explain briefly what you did to research your options, whether you decided on your own or whether you enrolled in the course because someone else recommended it.

Acquiring work experience in the family business and reading books about business management intrigue me more. But, I wanted to gain in-depth knowledge and understand the core domains of business operations at the national and international levels. So, I began searching more about business management and courses.

I learned how fascinating it is to share the ideas of success and significant traps that one needs to avoid for the company’s growth for a longer time. I began to understand that communicating is one of the vital roles in the success of any company. Right from the way you talk, deal with the partner, negotiate, etc., it is crucial to explain your point of view and vision, knowing how to react to which situation can make a vast difference in supporting its growth. One mistake can lead to a negative situation in the business.

Learning from real-time experience is way more complex and gambles the business reputation. However, learning through the diversity and versatility of MBA program specialization is considerable support to prepare for the challenging things in the organization; thus, I enrolled myself in an MBA program at the University Canada West — Vancouver Campus, Canada.

Why do you want to study in a specific college or university?

Define why you want to pursue the respective course in a particular college or university. Discuss the curriculum and explain what skills you will acquire during the program.

In today’s technologically advanced environment, organizations move toward project-based management systems to improve their products or services. Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Project Management offers practical skills balanced with the theoretical. This program will allow me to gain a comprehensive understanding of business functions, strategy operations, analyzing the market via digital marketing techniques, risk management, and many more.

Note: Write points straightforwardly. You are not writing a novel.

It is important not to exaggerate anything or sell lies. Be honest about your opinion. The authorities are trained to scan your writing style, and they will be able to pick up on exaggerated points.

Yorkville University prepares the students to face the challenging global industry and helps them step into the role of Project Managers with advanced, state-of-art project management training. I am keen to advance my skills by starting a career in project management and learning more about the process.

How do you correlate applying programs with the Previous Education/Work Experience?

Co-relating your academic history or work experience with the program you are applying to is one of the vital requirements because it highlights why you choose the particular program.

I completed a Bachelor of Business Administration from Saurashtra University in May 2021. I scored seven bands on my IELTS exam. I want to pursue further education in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) — Project Management program at Yorkville University, Ontario campus, Canada, in July 2022.

Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Project Management offers practical skills balanced with the theoretical. This program will allow me to understand business functions, strategy operations, analyzing the market via digital marketing techniques, risk management, and many more.

However, with the advanced technology on a roll, there can be certain things happening when the academic history doesn’t match with the work history, but the candidate chooses to study abroad by picking up a program that relates to their work history.

For instance, Jane completed her graduation in Commerce in 2007, and simultaneously, she chose to pursue an Air Hostess course, but due to certain reasons, she couldn’t get a job in airlines. As the time passed to manage her bills, food, and expenses, she began to work in a bar as a waitress, where she learned how to brew. Her interest in brewing grew, and she chose to advance her skills and enrolled herself in the MSc Brewing and Distilling program at Heriot-Watt University, the United Kingdom.

What modules will you study in that particular course?

Briefly explain the modules of the programs you will be studying. This will highlight that you are aware of the curriculum in detail.

For instance, Jake has chosen to pursue a Master of Business Administration from Ivey Business School at Western University, Canada. The course module includes Strategy, Leadership, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Operations, Marketing, Analytics, Communications, and Economics and how they integrate.

The details of the modules are Accounting and Control for Managers, Decision Making with Analytics, Developing and Executing Strategies, Leading People and Organizations, Managing Operations, Marketing Products and Services, Leveraging Information Technology, Macroeconomics for Business Decision, Communicating Effectively, and Managing Financial Resources.

What will you do after gaining experience from the particular program?

When students pursue undergraduate/graduate/master/Ph.D degrees, they will be equipped with deep knowledge and practical skills that will help them in their lives and workplaces. Therefore, it would be best if you have a clear insight into how you will be using the experience you gained from a particular program in your future. In addition, this will give them a sense of commitment you have towards your program.

After completing my master’s from University Canada West, my skills, knowledge, and approach will transform into a productive skill set. I will be returning to India as I have my parents’ responsibilities and will build a promising career that creates well-defined opportunities in India to expand my family business as my father will be getting retired once I start handling the business. The lessons learned in the business fundamentals, such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills, will help my family business to succeed.

Why do you think that you will fit in?

It is vital to give the visa and academic representative a strong reason you think you are the perfect fit for the particular course at the college or university.

I am pretty confident in selecting Canada for my higher Education, aspiring to become involved in the area of the Computer program. My program at St.clair College in Canada is the essential and crucial conjunction between my past achievements and my future progress, an opportunity to impact on building the heritage of academia.

What are your future goals? (This need future goals with Job opportunities back to home country)

Specify your goal after completing your course and illustrate your long-term plan. Show strong ties with your home country and do not try to impress them by saying that you will be staying longer in a host country.

A company’s value and scalability are dependent on solid business development and multiple strategies. These strategies include building relationships with other businesses, analyzing human behavior to target the right audience, micromanaging teams, and maximizing team member productivity.

After completing my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) — Project Management program, I will return to India. My future goal is to join a multinational company in India as a role of Project Development Manager. In addition to leading the company’s employees and operations, I want to combine a strategic business plan to balance the company’s performance and the team’s productivity.

Specify your goals in how you will be utilizing your knowledge in your work.

I want to support the Indian Government and work on developing project ideas that help the country’s economy grow. Leveraging the advanced technology and the knowledge I will get from studying in Canada, I want to contribute something to society and build an infrastructure that will brighten the citizen’s future. The exposure to industry-applicable projects will give me experience, and I look forward to utilizing my skills and knowledge to support and drive innovation in various fields.

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