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Top 8 International Student Recruitment Agencies in London

The globally population has been increasing by 8% every year with more and more students being comfortable with moving abroad to study. With the number of applications that Universities in different countries have been rising drastically. It, therefore, becomes challenging for institutions to manage the number of applications and arrive at the most qualified and deserving candidates. Managing the admission process, helping them choose accommodation, ensuring student safety becomes a task along with providing quality education. This is where student recruitment agencies come in and manage the admission process for the universities. There are agencies that help with the application screening, which helps students meet admission prerequisites, counsel them, and help them arrive at the destination country.

Below is a list of 11 such student recruitment agencies that educators can benefit from.

Kampus Group

Kampus Group Ltd is a leading international student recruitment Agency in London. We provide advice and guidance to students wishing to study within the UK. Kampus Group was born to focus purely on the international education market. We have successfully placed students in many of the best UK universities, enrolled in a different range of popular programmes such as law, economics, medicine, engineering, and business. We are renowned in the student community as a leading international student recruitment agency in the whole of the UK.

We take pride in connecting students from around the world with educational institutions, driving them to take the next step in building their future. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds including China, India, Middle East, America, Italy, Germany and more. We believe everyone is entitled to a good education, working to turn the dreams and personal ambitions of students around the world into a reality by helping them study abroad.
Our experienced advisors help you through every step of your application process, supporting you on your applications, and personal statements for Language, Foundation, Undergraduate, Pre-Masters, Masters and PHD programmes. Additionally, we offer guidance for tier 4 visa applications, funding and scholarships, and finding student accommodation. Our leading international student recruitment agency in London is here to help you ease into the process.
Our free and personalised approach means you will be well prepared for your arrival in the UK, and won’t be faced with any surprises, unexpected costs or unknowns. You will be provided with all the necessary information through our dedicated admissions team, online support, and studying in the UK blog.
We will continue to focus our efforts on building strong relationships with both our students and partners, as we seek to grow our international presence further. Currently working with a wide range of Universities and Higher Education Colleges, Kampus Group is rapidly expanding and proving the excellence of its services to students and partner institutions alike. At Kampus Group we pride ourselves in being one of the leading international student recruitment agencies in the UK.

HigherEdMe calls its platform a matchmaking platform where educators find the right international student candidates. This platform is an automated self-service platform that offers different student recruitment services to educational institutions. Universities, Language Schools, Engineering Schools and Business Schools can benefit from their services by connecting with qualified prospects, increased visibility and identifying new sources of recruitment for students. HigherEdMe helps acquire new students through Facebook ads management, Google Ads Management, Chinese Ad Management, Agents, Media Kits, Webinar Tools, Alumni Mapping, and Chatbot Facilities.


  • Smart Move Education
    Smart Move Education Group is a student recruitment consultancy based in London who offers support for those looking to get into education. There can be some difficulties that come with the admission process and they aim to help every student that walks through their doors. Whether it be choosing a course, an institution, starting an application or simply understanding the requirements, we offer our services to simplify the process. We have been successful in recruiting home and international students from diverse backgrounds, enrolling them to suitable universities that meet their personal and individual needs. As a consultancy firm, we affiliate with many universities and will find the perfect course and venue that suits you.


  • British Council Certified counsellor
  • UCAS Registered Centre
  • Student finance application support for Home & EU Students
  • Visa support and assistance for International Students
  • A review of student’s personal statement
  • A list of recommended universities and courses
  • Free eligibility check to study in UK
  • 100% FREE consultation


Studyco provides student recruitment services to Universities located in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Canada, and Malaysia. Students can choose their destination of choice and the kind of course that they are looking for and benefit from the guidance of Studyco to learn more about Universities that match their choice, admission procedures, visa applications, and travel to the country. Studyco handholds students from the time they make a search until they arrive in the country. This leaves Universities focusing on their core activities while Studyco takes care of recruiting their students.

Bridge Education Group
Bridge Education Group provides international student recruitment facilities through a collaborative recruitment model. The services provided by them include Intensive English pathway Programs, Agency Network Management, International Student Recruitment, Digital Marketing Outreach and International Admissions Support. Bridge tries to connect students and teachers worldwide and also tries to create a network with recruiters and teachers. Some services that Bridge provides for student recruitment include admission counseling, English and other academic pathway programs to prepare students, International Student Scholarships amongst other services.

Only Student Recruitment
Only Student Recruitment markets themselves as an agency that helps education institutes market them to national and international students and help them with recruitment through different campaigns. They make use of data-capture websites, search marketing, digital and traditional advertising, student fairs, PR, social media outreach in addition to making use of on-the-ground student recruiters to attract the right talent for institutions. This agency can help universities and colleges recruit students from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. Only Student Recruitment uses a plethora of digital marketing strategies and employs talent across the globe to help identify deserving candidates in terms of merit as well as financial support.

Apply Uni
Apply Uni is committed to providing free independent advice and support to local and international students applying to study in the UK. No matter which level of higher education you wish to study, we have a support team and a service to suit you.
Our admission officers are fully experienced and trained by trusted university partners and are here to guide local and international students through each step of the application process to any UK university.
Our VISA success rate is 96 per cent. So, your success is our success.
Totally free consultation over phone or in-person will help you find the right university to apply to, along with advice on how best to fill in your application form, sponsorship preparation, VISA application and so on.

Zain Global
Zain Global is a UK – based education services provider, founded in 2012. We recruit students from every corner of the world to the world’s leading universities. We are Certified by British Council as global agent and we have successfully recruited national and international students in universities. Globally, since 2012 onwards and we have consistently achieved this goal with so much undergraduates and postgraduates who apply each year are choosing our student support services. So there is a high percentage of citizens in the UK and Europeans who believe in our company and they are satisfied with our student support services.

Neuron Educare
Neuron Educare is one of the fastest growing educational representative and student recruiting partner organisations in the UK. We represent various universities, colleges in the UK, Canada, United States of America, and are expanding into Australia and across Africa.
We recruit students globally and place them in their preferred university and ideal course to meet their career aspirations.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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