Romanian student in uk :

Romanian student in uk : Over 10,000 Romanian Students Enrolled In 2021-22

The number of Romanian students enrolled in UK universities increased by 9.7% in 2019-20 compared to 2018-19, according to the latest figures published by the Statistics Agency for Higher Education, the British official agency for statistics on higher education. The only EU country with the highest growth was Portugal, with 17.3%.

In terms of total number, Romania registered 10,830 students enrolled in universities in the UK in 2019-20, ranking fifth after Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

“I chose to study in the UK because it offers countless personal and professional opportunities, and the reputation of its teaching and research is unmatched in Europe. I fell in love with the facilities on campus and in the country (libraries, laboratories, infrastructure, civilization), as well as the passion of the teachers, who showed up whenever they talked about their fields. I find it valuable to be part of a multicultural environment that has undoubtedly taught me a lot about communication and patience, but what I consider most valuable is access to a top education and, with it, excellent opportunities for employment ”. said Roberta Ciuvat, currently a student in the UK and coordinator of LSRS UK.

Nigel Bellingham, director of the British Council in Romania, said: “This increase shows that Romanian students continue to recognize the high quality education system in the UK, which is well known for its employability and top teaching standards world.

Graduates from the United Kingdom are among the most employable in the world, and the United Kingdom is the best rated study destination abroad for the quality of teaching and research among students in European countries. We believe – and studies show – that an education in the UK is a bridge to a bright and successful future and we want to support young Romanians interested in studying in the UK to pursue their dreams and fulfill their potential.


Starting with September 2021, most new Romanian students and other EU students starting a course in the UK will no longer be eligible for home tax or student loan status. Each UK university will set its own fees for EU students, and several universities are taking steps to support students with access to loans and scholarships. Students are advised to check with the university of their choice for information on fee levels and available financial support.

Students will also have to factor in other practical changes, such as study visas, which were required for Romanian students wishing to study in the UK for more than six months from January 2021, unless the student has Existing residence in the UK through the UK Settlement Scheme.

Despite this, the UK remains the most accessible English-language study destination abroad.

In addition, many UK universities are taking steps to provide support to EU students coming to study in the UK from 2021-2 and beyond. Offers vary by university and course, but include capping fees for students domiciled in the EU beginning in 2021-2 at “home tax” levels, specific scholarships for new students domiciled in the EU, or opening existing scholarships or scholarships for students. EU.

Mr Bellingham added: “Together with our university partners, we are working hard to help Romanian students understand the changes that are taking place in 2021 so that they can confidently prepare to embark on their educational journey in the UK.

, We share information with the agencies we collaborate with all over Romania and we encourage students to visit the websites of the universities or to contact them personally for details about the opportunities they offer. ‘


Brexit is also reflected in the university system in the United Kingdom, with a massive decrease in the number of EU students enrolling in British universities, DPA reports.

According to figures provided by the Admissions Service for Universities and Colleges, the total number of EU students enrolled at British universities this autumn is 11,700, compared to 27,750 enrolled last year.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has played a role in the number of international students, there is no doubt that the main reason for this decline is the domino effect of Brexit, which involves higher enrollment fees and an increase in bureaucracy.

A year ago, it was very easy for EU citizens to study in the UK, thanks to the transitional agreement which essentially guaranteed that nothing had changed after Brexit, the quoted source continues.

Goodbye, studying in the UK. It is the last year in which Romanian students receive government loans to study in the UK
However, since then, the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the Erasmus program, which organizes exchanges for students to study or work abroad in any European country participating in it.


The number of Romanian students enrolled in universities in the UK increased by 9.7% in the 2019-20 academic year compared to the previous year, according to data recently published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the UK’s official higher education statistics agency. The only EU country with the highest growth was Portugal, with 17.3%.

In total, 10,830 Romanian students are enrolled in universities in the United Kingdom, in 2019-20 our country ranks fifth in the European Union, after Italy, France, Germany and Spain.


From September 2021, most new students in Romania and other EU countries starting university studies in the UK will no longer be eligible for “home fees” or government loans. British universities are independently setting their fee levels for students in the European Union, and several of the institutions are already taking steps to support future students with access to scholarships and other funding. Students are encouraged to check with the chosen British university the information on the level of fees and the forms of financial support available.

Students will also have to take into account a number of other changes, such as student visas, which from January 2021 are required for Romanian citizens who want to study in the UK for more than 6 months, unless they already have a right of residence in the UK through the UK Settlement Scheme.

Despite the changes, the UK remains the most accessible English-speaking country for university studies.

In addition, many UK universities are taking steps to support students in the European Union who plan to start courses in 2021-2 or later. The offers vary depending on the university and the chosen field, but include the retention of fees for EU students at home level, new special scholarships for European students or the opening of existing funding programs to them.

Mr Bellingham added: “Together with our university partners, we are working to support Romanian students so that they are familiar with the changes of 2021 and can confidently prepare for the study experience in the UK.



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